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Attendance - be on time for a quarter to nine!

School starts at 8:45am. Children from year one to year six enter by the main gates and follow the yellow man painted on the path to the large playground where their class teachers will collect them, promptly, at 8:45am.

Children in both Reception classes enter the gate nearest the two classrooms at the far end of the blue fence. The Reception staff team will collect them, promptly, at 8:45am.

The gates are locked at 9:00am for the safety and security of our children. If you are late you will need to enter through the security gate by buzzing through to the office to let you in. Late attendees are always brought to the attention of the Head Teacher. Persistent lateness is always passed to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO).

If your child is absent you need to let us know. A telephone call, letter or personal contact will be sufficient. Regular, unexplained absence will involve the EWO so please get in touch promptly if your child is away. The school monitors all pupils' attendance and punctuality carefully. Please be a responsible parent and ensure your child arrives at school on time.

The school gates will reopen at 3:05pm for you to wait on the school playground. The children will be led from their classrooms onto the playground by their class teachers for collection by yourself or a designated adult at 3:20pm. Please inform the school office is someone else will be collecting your child.

If the whole class are here everyday they recieve a special class certificate. The class with the most certificates wins a prize each term!

Please help us and help your child to contribute to the class certificate each term!