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School Council

The children are democratically selected by their peers and are presented with a badge in a special assembly. They have their own notice board which shows current issues they are discussing.

The children, with the Head Teacher, agree on the qualities they need individually and collectively. These are:

  • A good listener

  • Happy and helpful

  • Honest and reliable

  • Confident and kind

  • Able to work in a team

  • Caring and considerate

  • Have good ideas

As a school we follow the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools guidance. The school council use articles 12, 28 and 31 to help shape their work. The children continually refer to our school charter to ensure there is consistency in all areas of what they do.

Our current agenda is:

  1. How can we make Blackbridge Lane safer?

    1. Carry out traffic surveys

    2. Collate these and share with many groups of people

    3. Ask the Police to help

    4. Share and gather ideas with our friends

    5. Work with the Travel Action Group of Governors

  2. Review how healthy we are and what else we can do

    1. Look at our PE lessons

    2. Talk to our teachers

    3. Discuss with all the adults how healthy our food at school is