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Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium Action Plan: February 2017-July 2018

Focus area



Summary of activities

How will the intervention or action improve achievement for pupils’?

How will this activity be monitored?

How will success be evidenced?





To increase the range and participation in after school clubs for all pupils and inter- school competitions.

Coaching procured to enhance and broaden knowledge of team sports


Costs £3600/year

£5400/18 months

Training Contingency (extra £600) =

£6000 total



Multi Skills



T-BALL (junior baseball)



(Kwik) Cricket


(Tag) Rugby



Children will have a greater range of opportunities to develop their skills and abilities and improve their overall levels of attainment in PE.


Professional coaching will develop key skills for a range of sports


Increased participation in after school clubs where between 33-40% children stay for after school sport

Review curriculum planning, can we incorporate new ventures into weekly teaching of PE


Staff encouraged to observe practice of professional coaches


Potential staff training from professional coaches


Sports Lead to contact

  1. Sussex CC

  2. RFU

  3. Brighton and Hove FC

to ascertain community/outreach programmes and/or events

Increase in attendance of clubs.

Increase in attendance of clubs away from school

Improved attendance on days where children attend after school clubs


Participation in Interschool competitions; Football, Rugby, Cross country and others


School invited to professional sports stadia for school based competitions


To ensure all KS2 pupils are able to swim at least 25 metres by the end of Year 6.

To subsidise the cost of swimming by 60%


Cost to school is £2700

Contingency of £300 for transport to swimming galas = Total Cost £3000

All children in Y4 have 30 weeks of tuition split into 3x10 weeks per term slots

All children in Y4 are able to swim at least 25 metres by the end of the programme


Gifted swimmers to be provided information about swimming events and galas

Sports Lead and Class Teacher in charge of PE to monitor % of children who can swim 25m / 50 m/ 100m and beyond


Attendance record shows all children attended at least 95% of sessions


Spreadsheet shows all parents contributed 40% costs over the 30 weeks (payment plans in place on a case by case basis?)


Display board to be erected in school to show children’s successes and progress in swimming

  1. Every child swimming at least 25m

  2. All parents contributing costs

  3. Opportunities for gifted swimmers to enter competitions and attend clubs (if child is Pupil Premium we can look at subsidising this)

  4. Class attendance on swimming days are 98% minimum


To improve the expertise and provision of whole school Physical Education

Staff to receive high quality coaching at University of Brighton


Cost £900 (+£300 travelling expenses and lunch to Eastbourne campus)

£800 available for outdoor education related resources including handbooks/textbooks

Total Cost = £2000

The standard of teaching and learning is increased due to an improvement in the quality of staff subject knowledge


Team Building Activities

Outdoor Education and Orienteering

Quality teaching of curriculum PE


To improve children’s confidence by taking on newer activities and tasks in PE


Staff are more confident in using PE as a team building exercise and are able to challenge children through the PE curriculum

Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher to monitor PE teaching in Summer Term and Autumn Term 2017

Children become more active participants, linking thinking skills to physical activity


Girls and Boys take part in mixed sports activities at a competitive level (e.g mixed hockey)


More Able register to be devised so talented children can be identified and school can signpost clubs/groups etc out of school where such skills can be enhanced


Improve PE equipment and resources so all curricular targets cab be taught without being restricted by poor equipment

PE Subject Lead to audit all resources and equipment linked to present PE curriculum and enhanced sports provision on offer


Cost £200 supply + £3800 estimation

(Subject Lead to confirm no later than 3rd March 2017

Total Cost = £4000

100% of equipment is safe and of good quality and condition.


Annual programme of ‘equipment replacement’ drafted

Lessons to be videoed as a means of recording good practice to share with colleagues


Staff with expertise in certain sports to lead after school staff meetings


Teachers to be released to observe/work with colleagues

100% of equipment is safe and of good quality and condition.


All necessary resources are in place for next academic year


Subject Leader to monitor teaching as part of the Action Plan and focus on challenging pupils based on the professional expertise bought in by school

Lessons are better taught as equipment is reliable and resources are modern


Children have access to quality PE teaching


Confidence amongst staff grows and children’s enthusiasm increases due to better instruction from staff. New sports and activities are introduced to the offer we provide children


To advertise sports participation and successes

Sports Notice Board to be purchased and erected

Sports kit purchased for newly introduced sports

As a result of increased participation school wishes that parents see our involvement


With the introduction of new sports, it is almost certain we will require specialist kit and equipment (e.g. hockey/lacrosse

(school will approach local business for sponsorship and publicity

I want a ‘feel good’ factor to be in place and children and families to feel proud of our participation


This needs to be celebrated and advertised and children should be kitted appropriately to participate

Sponsorship brought in to school


Children presenting sports related information to a wider school audience


Children’s successes displayed in the school entrance and in the school sports notice board

Increase in the participation of sports

Improved teaching and subject knowledge of PE and sport

Sports at Arunside promoted and celebrated

Total Costs at present

  1. After School Sport                                £6,000

  2. Swimming                                              £3,000

  3. Staff Training                                         £2,000

  4. PE Equipment                                        £4,000

  5. Consumables and Kit                           £1,000

In total £6,000 remains as this plan runs until 31st August 2018 however funding for the 18-19 year means we would still need to think about the period 1st September 2018 – 31st March 2019

As of 31st January, the available amount of money available, supplemented by information for the 17-18 year, and an estimation for the 18-19 year is £22,500